Fire Detector

A fire detector utilizing Arduino is a vital safety project designed to detect the presence of fire or smoke within an environment. The system incorporates sensors such as smoke detectors or flame sensors, which interface with an Arduino microcontroller. Continuously monitoring sensor data, the Arduino triggers an alarm, typically a buzzer or LED, upon detecting smoke or flames. Moreover, the Arduino can be programmed to send notifications via Wi-Fi or GSM modules to alert users remotely. This project offers an affordable, customizable solution for fire detection and prevention, contributing significantly to safety in homes, offices, and various other settings.

 Circuit Diagram :-

Code :-

//  By Arduino Techy
const int buzzerPin = 12;
const int flamePin = 11;
int Flame = HIGH;
int redled = 5;
int greenled = 6;
void setup() 
  pinMode(buzzerPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(redled, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(greenled, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(flamePin, INPUT);

void loop() 
  Flame = digitalRead(flamePin);
  if (Flame== LOW)
    digitalWrite(buzzerPin, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(redled, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(greenled, LOW);
    digitalWrite(buzzerPin, LOW);
    digitalWrite(greenled, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(redled, LOW);

Components :-

blue and black circuit board

Arduino Uno

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Flame Sensor

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Jumper Wires

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Rain Detector