Laser Security Alarm

A Laser Security Alarm using Arduino is a project designed to create a security system that detects unauthorized entry using laser beams. This system typically consists of a laser emitter and a receiver placed at opposite ends of an entryway, creating a laser beam that, when interrupted, triggers an alarm.

The Arduino microcontroller is at the heart of this system, processing signals from the laser receiver and controlling the alarm output. When the laser beam is broken by an intruder, the receiver detects the interruption and sends a signal to the Arduino. In response, the Arduino activates an alarm, such as a buzzer or flashing lights, to alert the user to the intrusion.

This project can be customized and expanded to include features like multiple laser beams for different zones, integration with surveillance cameras, or remote monitoring capabilities using Wi-Fi or GSM modules. With its flexibility and versatility, the Laser Security Alarm using Arduino provides an affordable and effective solution for protecting homes, offices, and other valuable assets.

 Circuit Diagram :-

Code :-

// By Arduino Techy 
int Laser = 8;
int Ldr = 9;
int buzzer = 11;

void setup() 

 void loop()
{ digitalWrite(8,HIGH);


Components :-

blue and black circuit board

Arduino Uno

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Jumper Wires

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Bluetooth controlled Light