Touch Light

Using Arduino and touch capacitive sensing, you can create a touch light that responds to human touch. By programming the Arduino to detect changes in capacitance when a conductive object, like a finger, approaches the touch sensor, you can trigger actions such as turning an LED light on or off. This project involves setting up the wiring, writing code to interpret touch inputs, and refining sensitivity for optimal performance. It offers an interactive and customizable way to control lighting, with potential for expansion by integrating additional sensors or functionalities.

Circuit Diagram :-

Project Code :-

// BY Arduino Techy
#define tsPin 2 // touch sensor pin int ledPin = 3; // led pin void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); //sensor buart rate pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // led pinMode(tsPin, INPUT); // touch sensor } void loop() { int tsValue = digitalRead(tsPin); delay(100); if (tsValue == HIGH) { digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); // led on Serial.println("TOUCHED"); } else { digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW); // led off Serial.println("not touched"); } }

Components :-


blue and black circuit board

Arduino Uno

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Touch Capacitive Light

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Jumper Wires 

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Automatic Street Lights